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The recruitment industry was always important, but its growth has exploded in the 21st century with no signs of slowing down, quite to the contrary. We’ve recently had the pleasure of working with an amazing recruitment company that has been providing excellent services to job seekers and employers alike.

We’re talking about Global Technology Solutions. The results we achieved while working on their digital marketing campaign are nothing short of astonishing and we’d like to share that story with you.

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About GTS

As we said. GTS is a recruitment agency providing permanent and contract resources to a number of organisations throughout the world. In business for over 20 years, GTS helps businesses find ideal candidates with their people-first approach.

Initially, GTS recruited primarily for service desk and desktop support positions. And while they still do that, now the key focus is on service management. This was a shrewd business decision, as major incident managers, problem managers, service transition, and service delivery, to name a few, are in much higher demand than two decades ago.

Right now, GTS is a leader in technical and service management recruitment, providing a wide spectrum of candidates for IT and service management positions.

True to their initial vision, GTS is still really committed to finding the right candidate. The personalised approach is incredibly important, and the company will go the extra mile for the client. The team will conduct thorough due diligence and ensure each candidate is the right fit for the client’s company culture.

Our results

We’re very happy to report that January has been incredibly successful. 

After spending some time experimenting, doing extensive testing, analyses, and making constant tweaks to both marketing and website content, we’ve made a breakthrough at the beginning of the year. Global Technology Solutions website traffic from social media increased a staggering 133 times in January! You’ve read that right. It went from making up only 0.1% of the overall traffic in December to making up 13.3%. Traffic from other sources held steady. During the same month, the number of followers went up by over 50% and it’s still growing!Oh, and these results were achieved after we cut the sponsored content budget to £0.

We’ve also analyzed the website itself and came up with some improvements that yielded impressive results. Weekly conversion rates went up by a factor of 10 (from 5 to 50 conversions per week) just two weeks after the January campaign started.

Needless to say, we’re very pleased with the results. But we’re even happier that Andrea Banks, the Owner and Founder of GTS, is downright ecstatic.

“I’m astonished with the campaign results and absolutely delighted we the ROI!”’ – Andrea Banks.

Of course, we’ve only managed to achieve this through the expertise of our team who showed a high level of skill, willingness to try new things, and implement rigorous A/B testing for the site and campaign. The results and our satisfied client speak for themselves.

Patting ourselves on the back

It would be easy to rest on our laurels but we’re far from done and we have some exciting ideas we’re eager to try out. We’ll keep improving, learning, and bringing increased value and return on investment for our clients. 

Do you want to achieve similar results? EBS Marketing’s team will be more than happy to help you. We have years of experience and an excellent track record of helping our clients seize great opportunities.

Get in touch and we’ll handle the rest.

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