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Video is the way of the future! It’s incredibly popular and has been shown to be one of the most engaging types of content around. Regular content is great, but video offers you the opportunity to present your brand, products, and services in an entirely new way. With social media platforms transitioning toward video, there’s no doubt that customised video content will help you share stories and drive conversions. EBS Marketing is here to help you with all your video production needs.

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More than video quality

Google’s algorithms aren’t limited to text and static images anymore. Now they can parse video, identify on-screen elements, and categorize and rank the content accordingly. Of course, just recording a nice video isn’t enough anymore. You need to pay attention to ranking factors and optimise both the video and the surrounding content for search engines. There are also monetisation options to consider as well as short- and long-term promotional campaigns.

Maximising return on investment

Since video production is often very costly when compared to other marketing efforts, it’s important to maximize the return on investment for every video. We’ll monitor relevant metrics, ensuring the content performs as it should. If anything needs changing, our team will handle it. Of course, video needs to be integrated properly into the content and enrich the whole experience instead of just being a nice addition. We’ll ensure your website is more than a sum of its parts.

With you every step of the way

EBS Marketing’s video team can deal with every aspect of the video production and search engine optimization process – from setting up a script, creating visuals and audio production, to a strategic video SEO – we’ll make the best use of the most popular form of communication to benefit your business. The whole process is transparent, functional, and designed to give you the best ROI possible.

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